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[Pest Control Advice]

Smiting The Spidermite – Hydro Harvest Pest Control

If you know what spidermites are capable of then they really need very little introduction. If you don’t know (or are just finding out) you’ll want to get straight to the bit where we tell you how to unleash a...

[Product Insights]

Air, Down There – Using AirDome With AutoPot

Irrigating and feeding plants power-free, silently, with no waste and absolutely minimal maintenance, AutoPot watering systems tick a lot of boxes for indoor growers. But unless you’re using fabric pots the one thing the systems can’t do is get a...

[Product Insights]

Thripping Heck – Hydro Harvest Pest Control

Thrips may sound old fashioned, like something you’d catch down a coal mine perhaps, or a life-threatening Victorian snack. But far from being yesterday’s news these nasty, plant-bothering pests are lively, resilient, and can easily reap damage on an indoor...

[Pest Control Advice]

Aphids? Get Rid! – Hydro Harvest Pest Control

When it comes to purity, when it comes to clear-headed, non-stop, all-consuming clarity of purpose it is hard not to admire aphids. That’s probably not a popular point of view to someone who’s just seen their crop ravaged but there...